Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To all our client and friends  for those good vibration and waves of positive energy you keep sending my way!

It was quite busy three month for me, but everything came together quite nicely and

because of your prayers , wishes and all kinds of support we are open again at the new location!

 #308 12099 Harris rd. Pitt Meadows ( building of Pitt Meadows Public Library)

I would like to express my special gratitude to my family:  my husband, my two daughters and my parents for they incredible patience and continues support with this big step forward in my business.

I also would like to recognize and thank all my  business friends — people who helped me on every step of the way  to make it happen. Without them I could not open my doors today at this beautiful new location! They are:

My energizing holistic  realtor Faina Sichon, who can do impossible in a very short time,

My friend and  magic mortgage broker Samia Newton, who goes far out of her way just to help a friend

My wisest and precise accountant Lise Liebich, CGA, who knows exactly, how much did it cost me and still keeps me as a client

My RBC account  managers  Mahmood Amin ,  Andrew Espezel and mortgage specialist Tanya Thomas,who understand all the hardship of small business and generously share they time and knowledge

My General Contractor John Ramos from BDB Constrictions, who actually build my new place in quite a short time! It looks beautiful!

My pre construction consultant Igor Galabardov from Sopka Development, who put my dream on paper.

Thank you so very much, without you I wouldn’t be here:

 #308 12099 Harris rd. Pitt Meadows

It’s a new professional building right in the down town of Pit Meadow – the friendliest city I ever been!

I am looking forward to see you here in the nearest future,  please visit us any time just to say hello or book an appointment!

We continue to provide following services:

Colon Hydrotherapy ( Elena Kazakova  , Doriana Donciu)

Registered Massage Therapy ( Igor Tatarnikov)

Acupuncture  and Cosmetic Acupuncture (Viktoria Bakhtiyarova)

Holistic Therapies ( Doriana Donciu)

For the month of November House Warming Promotions:

First colonic ever $60 (regular $85), so please tell you friends who always wanted to try it, now it’s a time!

Create you own package with the lowest package price of $70,  buy as many as you want, no min or maximum!

Take advantage of this offer if you can, because cost of everything, except Russian gas and GPS devices, goes up and I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to keep my price as it is.

Receive $10 gift certificate toward  any other service or purchase of any Firma EnergyWear items with every package of Colon Hydrotherapy treatments. Now, it’s a great time to try new Qi Beauty Facial Treatment performed by registered acupuncturist, there are only 13 practitioners in BC, who does it, one — at Arnica Clinic! Or buy yourself therapeutic anti cellulite Firma Leggins.

Please make a note,  that our phone number  has being changed, the new one is


Give us a call just for fun of it!

Our Grand Opening is coming soon in November, more new services also coming soon, so keep your eyes open for emails and check out our Facebook page as well.

Elena Kazakova, clinic owner