About Elena Kazakova

Elena Kazakova, is an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist as well as the owner and director of Arnica Clinic. 

She holds a Master of Arts and a Civil Defence Nurses’ Diploma from Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia. Being a third generation from an all doctors’ family, she has always been passionate about the natural ways of healing. Her university research work was focused on anthropology, folklore and folk medicine. Elena strongly believes in the healing powers hidden inside every human being and every ones’ ability to take control of ones’ own health. Elena believes that becoming healthy and staying healthy is not only a way of life but,  it is a journey where searching for truth and making choices becomes ultimately the true way to that healthy life. Elena and her associates at Arnica Clinic will help and support your personal journey to a healthy life.


About Arnica Clinic


At Arnica Clinic we believe the key principle in all alternative health practices is the intention of the person who is being treated. The word “patient” comes from the Greek word paskhein, meaning “to suffer.” We aim to educate our clients and encourage them to take care of their own bodies.  They are not “patients” but rather colleagues in taking control of their own health.

We believe the human body has power — the power to change, to adapt, to recover, the ability to heal itself.

Alternative health practices help a person find and enhance those abilities by removing toxins and impurities, restoring energy flow and balance, aligning vertebrae and improving blood and lymphatic circulation. In other words, restoring harmony within the body, allowing it to regenerate itself.

Avicenna, an ancient doctor, scholar and philosopher once said, “a clean body heals itself.” This is the philosophy behind our Arnica – a team of independent health care practitioners, highly trained in our respective fields, willing to combine our knowledge and expertise to provide you with quality service, innovative technology and essential information to help you look and feel your very best.