“Restore the harmony of your body with healing sounds ”

a two hour Music Therapy Workshop

Sunday  February 15 at 11 AM at Arnica Clinic

The healing sounds of ethnic musical instruments performed and guided by the world class musician, Boris Sichon

Boris Sichon is a multi-instrumentalist with an MA from the St. Petersburg Academy of Music. He has played and performed in 40 countries on 5 continents, where he’s gathered his  famous collection of ethnic musical instruments,  and learned from local masters all over the world.


Boris Sichon

Have you ever thought that playing ethnic musical instruments could be good for your health?

Ethnic musical instruments not only entertain your mind and give you emotional satisfaction, but they also affect your physical wellbeing.

Everyone who’s ever tried drumming, will agree, it can be pretty vigorous work out, plus a major release of physical and emotional energy, leading to relaxation.  Wind musical instruments require the control of your breathing to create a specific airflow  through the instrument you are playing, making it a very strong breathing exercise that massages your internal organs and system.

Most of the ethnic musical instruments were created as spiritual and meditative mediums for spiritual practices to in-tune the participants body rhythms and sounds with the sounds of universe.

The purpose of this health education event is to show you the therapeutic effect of ethnic music and give you unique opportunity to learn hand-on, some basic playing techniques from a world class musician.

Boris will take you on a magical journey to different cultures and countries, and most importantly – to your inner self. You will get a chance to listen to the rhythms of you own body and connect to the rhythm of the universe and feel the entire world inside yourself and yourself dissolved into the universe.


Boris Sichon is playing Didgeridoo

Two hours Music Therapy Session include:

  • Gong bath, when the ancient sound of the Himalayan Gong washes over your body to create a healing vibration
  • Meditation with Tibetian singing bowls,…
  • Experience the sound of an Australian  Didgeridoo on your body
  • Practical lessons on how to play Didgeridoo and other instruments
  • Dynamic Qigone meditation
  • Circular Breathing exercises
  • Every participant will receive a musical instrument for further practices as your own music therapy tool
  • You will also receive a CD of World Music by Boris Sichon


Number of participants is limited to 15 people, so everyone can get  individual attention and personal space.

So please RSVP ASAP   Tickets $ 48.00 at the door

See you  on Sunday  February 15 at 11 AM at Arnica Clinic

To know more about Boris and to watch him play: