On average  every person in North America eats 20 pounds of food additives per year

On average  every person in North America eats 20 pounds of food additives per year

How Colon Hydro Therapy helps your health

Have you ever been in the house with sewer backed up? You probably couldn’t stay there for very long, could you? No body can live and effectively function in such condition. Sewer drain clogs are usually a state of emergency and a reason for professional help to be called in. Similar situation can also occur in your body when waste is not eliminated properly. It doesn’t feel very good. In fact, it feels bad enough to go to ER only to find out that your sewer system, colon is back up.

Colon is the body’s’ sewage system, and as with any other sewage system it’s need to be cleaned from time to time in order to be effective and remove waste from the body in a timely and effective manner.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic is the procedure that was designed over 1000 years ago by doctors and healers just for this purpose. Technology changed over time, while the mane reason keeping your colon clean remains the same. Therefore, the reasons why Colonics are important include;

1. Longevity.

Waste accumulated in the colon for years of use slows down its functions over time. Consequently, the metabolism of entire body slows down as does regeneration process. Resulting in faster aging. The colon can not clean and restore itself without external help. If you want to live longer and look younger include colonic in your regular health maintenance routine. You deserve it no less, than celebrities and members of royal families.

2. An emotional release.

By flushing out old wast from the colon, we also stimulate the release of emotions and suppressed feelings.

Scientists find out that 90 percent of the fibres of the ENS (brains in the gut) carry information from the gut to the brain and not the other way around. Our emotions are influenced by guts. This leads to the old saying “gut feelings”

3. Unknown food additives

On average  every person in North America eats 20 pounds of food additives per year. From coal tar and petroleum to drywall components. Some of those inedible substances are still in your body days and months after you eat them.

4. Peace of Mind

Thousands of environmental toxins leeching into our body from the air, water, food processing utensils etc. It’s impossible to avoid and prevent this  toxicity completely.  Even thinking about it can make us paranoid. Regular cleansing and detoxification can give us peace of mind.

5. Detoxification

The first and the last steps of any effective cleansing program are cleansing of the colon. Since all of the waste and toxins end up in the colon. If not removed, those toxins will continue to recirculate in the body affecting your overall health.

People often ask:” Can the colon clean itself naturally?”  To some point it does, and so do teeth and skin. However, you better don’t miss your next dental hygienic appointment, or, regular facial treatments bring that natural glow to your skin that make you look younger.

Our ancestors lived between 25-54 years of age and as soon as they lost their teeth and proper function of their colon, the early death occurred, even with their 100% organic diet and active life style. That is why hygiene and medicine were invented. Unfortunately, later on, the gap between conventional and natural or “alternative” medicine was invented too, and many of us fall into this gap.

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