Traditionally, January is a month for “New Year Resolutions” and guess what’s on top of the list for vast majority of people?

You got it – loose weight, get fit, start eating healthy.


As always, easier said than done.

It’s ridiculous, life always gets in the way of good intentions:

– parties, weddings, birthdays, family gatherings… why is there always food? An artery clogging convention.

– I really can’t exercise in this weather – it’s dark, rainy and depressing.

– Last time I went to gym, I almost killed myself – never again.

– There is really nothing to eat out there but junk and it’s not my fault, those food industry giants want to kill me personally with all their chips and cakes and chocolate that melts in you mouth is seconds, it even says there are açai berries in it, so it’s good for me, right? Just 1…2…3… more.

– NO!!! that scale is insane! I didn’t eat all day, spent 5 hours in a gym and it shows that I gained 3 lb!?!?!

Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there.


First of all, happiness has never and will never been measured in (lb.)

Secondly, a healthy body and healthy life style is a journey-not a destination.

And finally,  let’s do it together: support each other and share the experience.

Don’t give up, you can start your New Year every day!

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