Liver Health. Information and Education Session

According to Canadian Liver Foundation: “Weighing in at just over one kilogram, the liver is a complex chemical factory that works 24 hours a day. It processes virtually everything you eat, drink, breathe in or rub on your skin and that’s just some of its over 500 different functions vital to life.”

5071313-Healthy-human-liver-concept-illustration-Stock-Vector-bodyIf you are interested to know more  about liver health and prevention of multiple liver diseases , you will benefit from participating in our Digestive Health Info Session.
Starting May 27 at 7:00 -9:00 pm
and continuing Every Last Wednesday of the Month
at Arnica Clinic

  • We are committed to bringing together experts in their field to inform you, provide you with resources, and assist you in living the very best life possible.
  • Every Last Wednesday of each month we invite you to join us, ask questions and educate yourself on digestive health.
  • At each meeting we will provide information you can apply immediately, plenty of time for discussion, and specific strategies for you to go home with.

This week’s meeting will feature 4 speakers:

Janine Karlsen – RN, Masters in Counselling

Janine is a registered nurse with a passion for health she coaches clients to be their healthiest and most amazing selves. She has a passion for optimizing our bodies at a cellular level so that they can fuel us with energy and brilliant vitality to all of our goals and dreams. She will speak specifically about  vitamins and supplements to support the Liver and it’s functions

Philip Armitage BSc BEd RAc

Gallstones from gallbladder and liver

Gallstones from gallbladder and liver

Philip is registered acupuncturist For Philip learning is a life long process and education is paramount for long lasting change to occur.  Philip often gives his clients simple homework assignments or exercises to complement and to continue the benefit of their acupuncture treatments…  He will speak about role that Liver plays in human body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and QiGong theory.

Sharam Farkhondeh – Healthy Life style Advocate.

Sharam has experienced his own health and life transformed after serious conscious changes he made in his diet and life style. Sharam will share his experience  with the Andreas Moritz Method of liver and gall bladder flushing.

Shannon Matter – a singer/songwriter/author and French Aromatherapist with 15 years of experience with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Shannon will present JuvaCleanse – the special blend of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and will talk about its liver detoxifying abilities including its powerful ability to detox heavy metals from our body.  She will speak about each oil in the blend individually. Those are: helichrysum, ledum, and celery seed.

Shannon has been recording her original music for 15 years; and has four CD’s and four books available at this time.

Elena Kazakova – Owner of Arnica Clinic, Certified Colon-Hydrotherapist

Will answer all your questions about Colon Hydrotherapy, and other clinic services.

Healthy snacks will be provided and there will be some awesome door prizes!

We look forward to seeing you!

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