Philip Armitage BSc BEd RAc

Registered Acupuncturist Philip Armitage BSc BEd RAc

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Registered Acupuncturist Philip Armitage BSc BEd RAc

Holds Bsc from Mcmaster University and a BEd from Lakehead University. His exposure to alternative healing modalities occurred in his teens when his mother developed breast cancer many years ago. This experience stimulated Philip’s interest in alternative and complementary medicine. Philip has travelled extensively for many years in an attempt to satisfy his curiosity. During his travels Philip was fortunate enough to meet teachers and practitioners of spiritual and physical disciplines: pranic healing, therapeutic touch, cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, vipassana, traditional Usui Reiki, shamanism,qi gong, Tibetan medicine and many more.

Philip`s present practice is focused on traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to which he brings a wealth of experience from other disciplines. Philip received an diploma in acupuncture from ICTCMV in April 2013 and he is presently enrolled in osteopathic programs with the Barral and Upledger institutes.

Philip feels learning is a life long process and education is paramount for long lasting change to occur. Change is initiated by the client taking an active role in their own recovery and Philip often gives his clients simple homework assignments or exercises to complement and to continue the benefit of their acupuncture treatments… This may be habit developed from his previous career in teaching


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Cranial Sacral Therapy

Acupuncture :

initial consultation 75 minutes $90
following visits 60 minutes $80

Acupressure 50 minutes $80

Cranial sacral therapy 50 minutes $80

Traditional Usui Reiki 50 minutes $80
Combination treatment 70 minutes $90


Please, wear or bring a pair of shorts or loose comfortable clothing.

A combination treatment will consist acupressure combined with acupuncture. The session will last for 70 minutes.. Other modalities will be incorporated into the session as needed or requested.

A sliding fee scale is in place for those in need.

To make appointment call Arnica Clinic: 604-457-3335

or Philip directly : 778-230-6445