Gift of a fresh startDo you remember the feeling you get when you come out of your house on a crispy fresh sunny winter morning? You breath in that fresh clean air and imagine it filling up your entire body. Have you ever wanted to press that ‘restart button’ to remove all of the fog from your mind and sluggishness off your body and let that renewed energy circulate though your body and mind?

This is exactly how many of my clients describe the feeling you get after a colon hydrotherapy session with me.

The feeling of longing for that ‘restart button’ comes to us most strongly as we approach the new year and wave goodbye to the old one. We start decluttering our closets and cabinets, reorganizing the office to get rid of and let go of the stuff that no longer serves a use in our lives. At the same time – it’s shopping season! So we buy shiny new junk to re-clutter our friend’s and relatives’ closets and cabinets to give them something to do when the upcoming year comes to an end, and our long standing traditions can be upheld.

Arnica Clinic believes that freshness and de-cluttering starts within our bodies. Actually, it may be your body calling for a cleanse when you start cleaning up the space around you. The impulse starts within, but do we acknowledge it? Not always. That’s why here at Arnica Clinic we came up with this gift idea.

Give yourself and those you care about the gift of experiencing a ‘restart’ with a fresh