What is popularly known today as Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is part of a complete medical system called Traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM). TCM includes many  methods of healing like cupping, acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs and tuina (Chinese massage) and is known for its proven effectiveness over thousands of years.

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It involves the insertion of fine, disposable needles into the skin at specific points on the body to improve the circulation of “Qi” (Life Energy). It has been successfully used to treat various diseases and health conditions for thousands of years. Acupuncture has proven to be safe and effective and is frequently used as an alternative or complement to medications.

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Dr. Anna (Xiqin) Qiao

Dr. Anna (Xigin) Qiao PhD, RTCM
Registered Acupuncturist Dr. Anna (Xiqin) Qiao PhD, RTCM

buton_Anna TCM emphasizes that the human body is an organic whole, and has an inseparable connection with the natural world and universe as a whole. 

Vital energy, called Chi, circulates throughout the body along specific pathways, or meridians, which are connected to corresponding internal organs. Science has observed that these points used in Acupuncture show a variety of unique bioelectrical and biochemical properties: stimulating them causes a distinct physiological response in brain activity, hormonal levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and the immune system.

 Acupuncture needles are made of stainless steel and packaged in STERILE single-use disposable units. The treatment of acupuncture makes use of sterile needles to stimulate the acupoints on the many meridians to re-establish energy balance and to clear blockages of the flow of this energy, or qi. Needles are commonly left the body for 10-30 minutes to allow for enhanced stimulation of the acupoints. Needles are safely disposed after treatments to avoid contamination. Your TCM practitioner will assess your health care needs first, then he will  suggest the  treatment and/or herbal remedy that tailored specifically for you.


The therapy of acupressure is a natural health remedy where acupressure points on our bodies are stimulated by manual techniques. The stimulation of acupressure points has been linked to enhance the balance of the qi, or energy, in our body.

The techniques used in acupressure include direct pressure with the thumb, fingers, palm, or elbow. Variations of the technique including “rolling” with the forearm over a body part, kneading of the muscles, tapping the area of concern, and mobilizing of various joints.


The theory behind cupping is to draw out trapped toxins in the body to enhance the circulation of blood and the flow of qi, or energy. Used commonly throughout Chinese history for thousands of years, cupping is used for conditions such as all kinds of pain syndromes, chronic fatigue, and the common cold.

Traditionally a glass bulb is first lit with a flame to create a vacuum. The heated bulb is then placed on the body creating suction. Modern day equipment utilizes bulbs attached to plastic cups to create a vacuum without the uses of a flame.

Acupuncture treatments are covered by most of Extended medical plans.