Looking to improve the appearance of your skin in the most healthy and long lasting way?

Microdermabrasion is the least invasive yet one of the most effective cosmetic procedures that can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin:

Advanced Skin TherapyIt gently exfoliates the external layer of skin that brightens your complexion and instantly creates a smooth base for makeup application.

– Improves overall skin health by stimulating the blood circulation and production of collagen resulting in the firmer appearance of your skin

Reduces hyper pigmentation, appearance of acne and scars 

Lightens age spots and sun damaged skin

Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

MicrodermabrasionMicrodermabrasion has proved to be a successful treatment for many different skin conditions including Rosacea, oily skin and acne. 

Mostly known as a facial procedure, microdermabrasion can also be done on the neck, upper chest (décolleté), shoulders, back, arms, hands, and legs.

At Arnica Clinic we can provide a unique combination of microdermabrasion and stone therapy to increase your over all health benefits with both treatments. 

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Upcoming Meetup at Arnica Clinic

Liver Health. Information and Education Session

According to Canadian Liver Foundation: “Weighing in at just over one kilogram, the liver is a complex chemical factory that works 24 hours a day. It processes virtually everything you eat, drink, breathe in or rub on your skin and that’s just some of its over 500 different functions vital to life.” http://www.liver.ca/liver-health/how-liver-works.aspx

5071313-Healthy-human-liver-concept-illustration-Stock-Vector-bodyIf you are interested to know more  about liver health and prevention of multiple liver diseases , you will benefit from participating in our Digestive Health Info Session.
Starting May 27 at 7:00 -9:00 pm
and continuing Every Last Wednesday of the Month
at Arnica Clinic

  • We are committed to bringing together experts in their field to inform you, provide you with resources, and assist you in living the very best life possible.
  • Every Last Wednesday of each month we invite you to join us, ask questions and educate yourself on digestive health.
  • At each meeting we will provide information you can apply immediately, plenty of time for discussion, and specific strategies for you to go home with.

This week’s meeting will feature 4 speakers:

Janine Karlsen – RN, Masters in Counselling

Janine is a registered nurse with a passion for health she coaches clients to be their healthiest and most amazing selves. She has a passion for optimizing our bodies at a cellular level so that they can fuel us with energy and brilliant vitality to all of our goals and dreams. She will speak specifically about  vitamins and supplements to support the Liver and it’s functions

Philip Armitage BSc BEd RAc

Gallstones from gallbladder and liver
Gallstones from gallbladder and liver

Philip is registered acupuncturist For Philip learning is a life long process and education is paramount for long lasting change to occur.  Philip often gives his clients simple homework assignments or exercises to complement and to continue the benefit of their acupuncture treatments…  He will speak about role that Liver plays in human body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and QiGong theory.

Sharam Farkhondeh – Healthy Life style Advocate.

Sharam has experienced his own health and life transformed after serious conscious changes he made in his diet and life style. Sharam will share his experience  with the Andreas Moritz Method of liver and gall bladder flushing.

Shannon Matter – a singer/songwriter/author and French Aromatherapist with 15 years of experience with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Shannon will present JuvaCleanse – the special blend of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and will talk about its liver detoxifying abilities including its powerful ability to detox heavy metals from our body.  She will speak about each oil in the blend individually. Those are: helichrysum, ledum, and celery seed.

Shannon has been recording her original music for 15 years; and has four CD’s and four books available at this time.

Elena Kazakova – Owner of Arnica Clinic, Certified Colon-Hydrotherapist

Will answer all your questions about Colon Hydrotherapy, and other clinic services.

Healthy snacks will be provided and there will be some awesome door prizes!

We look forward to seeing you!

Please RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/Pit-Meadows-Digestive-Health-Meetup/events/221703073/


New Year Resolutions

Traditionally, January is a month for “New Year Resolutions” and guess what’s on top of the list for vast majority of people?

You got it – loose weight, get fit, start eating healthy.


As always, easier said than done.

It’s ridiculous, life always gets in the way of good intentions:

– parties, weddings, birthdays, family gatherings… why is there always food? An artery clogging convention.

– I really can’t exercise in this weather – it’s dark, rainy and depressing.

– Last time I went to gym, I almost killed myself – never again.

– There is really nothing to eat out there but junk and it’s not my fault, those food industry giants want to kill me personally with all their chips and cakes and chocolate that melts in you mouth is seconds, it even says there are açai berries in it, so it’s good for me, right? Just 1…2…3… more.

– NO!!! that scale is insane! I didn’t eat all day, spent 5 hours in a gym and it shows that I gained 3 lb!?!?!

Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there.


First of all, happiness has never and will never been measured in (lb.)

Secondly, a healthy body and healthy life style is a journey-not a destination.

And finally,  let’s do it together: support each other and share the experience.

Don’t give up, you can start your New Year every day!

Arnica Clinic team is here to make this journey to Your Best Self more meaningful and exciting. Like us on Facebook, check out our Specials page and tell us your thoughts and anecdotes. How have your new years resolutions turned out?


What’s new at Arnica?

Hi Arnica Fiends!

I just want to share with you some news and promotions:

A new acupuncturist Andrew Kim has recently joined our team. Check our website to learn more about him.

His latest promotion is Deep Heat Far Infra Red Massage $32/hour for first time clients.

Doriana’s new promotion is valid until November 10:

Free Revitalizing Foot & Leg treatment with any Reflexology session (regular) or package purchased during October 2013.

This  treatment begins with an aromatherapy herbal  foot bath followed by a balancing and de-stressing reflexology session. By reducing blockages, stress and tension, reflexology allows the cardiovascular vessels to restore the flow of blood to the whole body.

After reflexology, an invigorating witch hazel and mint infusion cool mist is applied. It will leave your feet and legs refreshed, rejuvenated and revived.

A non greasy refreshing and vitalizing leg  balm application  will complete the treatment.

A relaxing treatment option for individuals with poor peripheral circulation in their feet. Suitable for diabetics.

Mark you Calendars for following events:

 Two Days of Raw Food Classes with Ilana Bissonette! Now open for registration. Class are Oct 23 and Oct 24 spaces are *limited* so register early to reserve your spot.

You will receive Ilana’s raw food recipe book *FREE*with over 150 sensational raw food preparations beautifully illustrated!!! And that is only one of the many bonuses…see below for full details. Yum…I cant wait to share all the goodness with you…

raw food classes - Oct 2013 sm



The light at the end of the tunnel: antibiotics

Light at the end of the tunnel

“… antibiotics could be deactivated after use so that they no longer accumulate in the environment where they encourage the emergence of superbugs…”



Scrolling through the news I am accustomed to being bombarded with stories of the Democrat-Republican tug-o-war and the latest antics of some Kardashian. Today however, it was something different that caught my eye.

As an alternative therapist, or for that matter a health conscious individual, I try to keep my use of antibiotics to a minimum and encourage everyone around me to do the same. That being said, we’ve all heard about the time-bomb that is antibiotics. Ergo, one can understand my excitement when I came across the above article in BBC news.


What do you think? Are you optimistic about the future of our medicinal advancements?


Let us know!


A Powerful Way to Enhance the Detoxification Process

Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Brushing was recommended by the Finnish medical doctor Dr., Paavo Airola for his patients 30 years ago and is still popular in European spas and many cancer treatment centers today. The Russians, Turks and Scandinavians have used this treatment for centuries. The technique is also known as Lymphatic Body Brushing.

Lymphatic System – Stimulating Lymph Flow

The lymphatic system is an essential part of our circulatory system. It’s the body’s housekeeper composed of a tiny, delicate network of lymphatic vessels all over the body that pump the lymph around the body.

Along the lymphatic pathways are collections of lymph nodes – 400 to 700 of them – dotted around the body. These filter and purify the lymph, reclaim fluid and break down pathogens and toxins. As well as cleansing and detoxifying, the lymph system reclaims digested fats and proteins, the body’s source of energy, and adds them to the body’s circulation.

The superficial lymph vessels terminate just below the outer layer of skin and flow back into the deeper lymphatic vessels. Any blockage at the superficial lymphatic level will result in congestion throughout the whole lymphatic system.

Skin-brushing is considered an excellent way to stimulate the activity of the entire lymphatic system – though no formal studies exist to demonstrate its effectiveness. It can also be a useful addition to any detox regime.

Skin – Improve the Texture and Appearance of the Skin; Diminish Cellulite

Although dry brushing advantages are obviously not only skin deep, this technique does provide extraordinary cosmetic benefits. Dry brushing exfoliates the skin and removes the outer layer of dull, dry skin. The appearance of the skin is noticeably softer and brighter. Dry skin brushing keeps toxins from polluting the skin, which promotes a clear, supple complexion. People who use this technique regularly notice reduced cellulite and better muscle tone.

Blood Circulation – Stimulates Peripheral Blood Circulation

Dry skin brushing increases circulation to skin, encouraging your body’s discharge of metabolic wastes. Increased surface blood flow begins entering the areas brushed. Not only can this help speed healing of damaged tissue, but it brings oxygen and nutrients resulting in glowing skin.

Nervous system –Stimulates Cutaneous Mechanoreceptors

Dry skin brushing improve the function of the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings in the skin.

20 min session – $15.00 + tax
Add to any spa massage – free


Prevention of the Preventative Measure

An excerpt from article in Common Ground that raises questions about screening and testing where it may not be necessary.


Two impressive victories in the prevention propaganda war concerned widely promoted forms of medical screening, which promise to save us from the scourge of cancer. These victories reveal the large gaps between what many specialists say – about getting a mammogram or a PSA test – and the evidence gleaned from high-quality screening research. The year’s biggest triumph came when Danish researcher Peter C. Gøtzsche published an editorial in theCanadian Medical Association Journal noting, “The best method we have to reduce the risk of breast cancer is to stop the screening program.” He threw down the gauntlet by asking readers – mostly Canadian doctors – one simple question: “Which country will be first to stop mammography screening?”

Remember, mammography screening is looking for disease in otherwise healthy women.

Also in 2012, the PSA test – to evaluate a man’s level of ‘prostate specific antigen,’ a potential sign of prostate cancer – was deemed to cause more harm than good when the major independent screening group in the US – the United States Preventive Services Task force (USPSTF) – concluded it shouldn’t be offered to otherwise healthy, asymptomatic men. There is a great danger that men might be harmed through unnecessary treatment, which can often result in incontinence, impotence or both.

Remember, PSA screening is looking for disease in otherwise healthy men.

Essentially, the cleanest, most reliable, research around breast and prostate cancer screening programs showed they are probably harmful for most people being screened. We learned that the tests being promoted often find “pseudodisease” – things in your blood or body that would never have gone on to hurt you. Overly aggressive screening often leads to unnecessary breast and prostate cancer biopsies, surgeries, chemotherapies and drugs.



See the full article here: