What’s hidden in Your Colon? True story.

by Kim-Louise Easterbrook

Thirteen years ago my dear, 72-year-old grandma was waiting for her second colon operation. I told her about the benefits of clearing a congested colon. She was open to experimenting. A month later she rang me up all excited after she finished a cleansing. She had passed a surgical sponge left over from her last colon operation and was heading down to her doctor to show him. “That’s the last time he ever touches my colon!” she exclaimed. The possibility of preventing thousands of colon operations just by addressing the internal pollution going on inside sparked my interest in the study of alternative therapies.

First, I too, followed my grandma’s footsteps! My lifestyle for the past 27 years showed up in my stool. I passed black stools for almost a week. I lived on junk food back then, smoked and drank pop and coffee. Of course all the accumulated medication I had been given for the last year of my knee surgery, was still hidden in my colon. Years of undigested, unnatural substances can cement themselves along the colon walls and form a glue-like substance (hardened fecal matter), narrowing the passage way of the bowel.

Even though the bowels may move regularly every day, there is still some form of constipare, which in Latin means “pressed together.” Diagnosed with chronic constipation all those years, diverticulitis, spastic bowel syndrome, stress, you name it, I was a really serious case of “autointoxication,” a process whereby my body was literally poisoning itself by maintaining a cesspool of decaying matter in the colon.

Every time a normal bowel movement passed between and rubbed up against the hardened fecal matter, toxins were released back into my blood stream causing headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and depression. I was also diagnosed with a sluggish lymphatic and circulatory system. These two circulating body fluids could no longer carry away the toxins from all my body cells. Imagine if the sewer system backed up in the city. That’s what was happening inside my body!

The Thief of Nutrients

The initial stages of auto-intoxication of the colon stem from:

  • Poor diet–foods that are dead, cooked, processed, microwaved and lack proper enzymes to assist in proper digestion and assimilation.
  • Over-consumption puts a great amount of stress on our digestive system. The stomach bloats as the digestive system goes into turmoil. Foods are not properly broken down and tend to lodge in the lower intestines. Vital nutrients are not absorbed.
  • Lack of water is a huge problem! As water makes up 75 percent of the human body, cleansing the inside of the body as well as the outside, water is instrumental in flushing out wastes and toxins. When the body does not receive enough water, toxins stagnate, hindering all digestive and eliminative processes.
  • Stress hinders the proper digestion, absorption and elimination of foods by throwing the digestive system out of balance. Nutrients are not absorbed if you’re under extreme stress.
  • Antibiotics strip the colon of necessary intestinal flora. They put the digestive and eliminative systems out of balance and create problems in the entire intestinal tract.
  • Lack of exercise weakens lymphatic and circulatory stimulation–the body’s natural cleansing systems.
  • Eating late at night means the body cannot rest. It’s busy digesting and processing your food.

Clear All Obstructions

Bowel management and colon cleansing are of utmost importance. When the bowel is dirty the blood is dirty. An obstructed colon will absorb the mucoid material in the lymph through its walls. As the colon’s walls become more obstructed with hardened fecal matter, its ability to detoxify the lymph decreases and the accumulation of mucoid matter begins to back up into the lymphatic system. Congestion results.

A toxic lymph is usually present during acute sickness: the appetite is lost and the body goes into fasting mode. Many herbal practitioners use bayberry bark or lobelia, both lymph purifiers.

The first step in cleansing the lymphatic system is to cleanse the colon. The second step is skin brushing, which helps stimulate the expulsion of fresh mucoid material and corrects inflammations of the lymph nodes. Many experts also believe that lack of exercise is another reason for improper lymphatic drainage. Purchasing a mini trampoline and bouncing up and down increases the circulation flow and allows the lymphs to do their cleansing. Many people experience a bowel movement after bounding.

Supplement cooked food with enzymes and eat as much live raw food as possible. Eat smaller meals throughout day. If you’re sick, try natural antibiotics like colostrum and goldenseal. Take deep breaths, relax, and drink at least eight glasses of water a day or more. Stretch regularly!

My grandma, bless her soul, passed away in an old-age home with severe auto-intoxication and a tangled colon. Her last words were, “I miss my garden-fresh vegetables. They keep feeding me medication for my constipation and it constipates me even more. I wish I could do that colon cleanse again, can you sneak it in?” I did sneak a bottle of natural cascara to her and she hid it and smiled. That was the last I saw of her.

One day I came by the desk to get some of her stuff and the nurse said, “I found this bottle in her coat one night when she was sleeping, so I put it behind the desk so that she couldn’t have access to it. We have to watch our seniors you know.”

I replied, “That’s too bad because she wasn’t trying to end her life. Those capsules were to help cleanse her colon from the constipation. Those capsules could have possibly saved her life.”

About the Author

Kimberly Easterbrook is a natural health products consultant, wellness coach and longevity research writer.



Freshen up your gift ideas

Gift of a fresh startDo you remember the feeling you get when you come out of your house on a crispy fresh sunny winter morning? You breath in that fresh clean air and imagine it filling up your entire body. Have you ever wanted to press that ‘restart button’ to remove all of the fog from your mind and sluggishness off your body and let that renewed energy circulate though your body and mind?

This is exactly how many of my clients describe the feeling you get after a colon hydrotherapy session with me.

The feeling of longing for that ‘restart button’ comes to us most strongly as we approach the new year and wave goodbye to the old one. We start decluttering our closets and cabinets, reorganizing the office to get rid of and let go of the stuff that no longer serves a use in our lives. At the same time – it’s shopping season! So we buy shiny new junk to re-clutter our friend’s and relatives’ closets and cabinets to give them something to do when the upcoming year comes to an end, and our long standing traditions can be upheld.

Arnica Clinic believes that freshness and de-cluttering starts within our bodies. Actually, it may be your body calling for a cleanse when you start cleaning up the space around you. The impulse starts within, but do we acknowledge it? Not always. That’s why here at Arnica Clinic we came up with this gift idea.

Give yourself and those you care about the gift of experiencing a ‘restart’ with a fresh start.free-consultation



Looking to improve the appearance of your skin in the most healthy and long lasting way?

Microdermabrasion is the least invasive yet one of the most effective cosmetic procedures that can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin:

Advanced Skin TherapyIt gently exfoliates the external layer of skin that brightens your complexion and instantly creates a smooth base for makeup application.

– Improves overall skin health by stimulating the blood circulation and production of collagen resulting in the firmer appearance of your skin

Reduces hyper pigmentation, appearance of acne and scars 

Lightens age spots and sun damaged skin

Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

MicrodermabrasionMicrodermabrasion has proved to be a successful treatment for many different skin conditions including Rosacea, oily skin and acne. 

Mostly known as a facial procedure, microdermabrasion can also be done on the neck, upper chest (décolleté), shoulders, back, arms, hands, and legs.

At Arnica Clinic we can provide a unique combination of microdermabrasion and stone therapy to increase your over all health benefits with both treatments. 

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Five Reasons Why Chewing Your Food Longer Will Improve Your Health

Chew or extinct

Have you ever have that moment  of frustration when you see food items in your fridge going bad, especially if they’re “organic” produce? You paid extra in order to eat well and yet it’s already lost all its health benefits. There are different ways you can express your frustration …

Your gut experiences the same frustration from time to time and gives you a “gut feeling” that something’s not right. Yeah – that piece of broccoli you swallowed in a hurry reached your bowel undigested because you didn’t chew it properly!! The only way your gut can express it’s frustration is by bloating or with painful gas cramps.

1) Chewing longer will help you loose weight.

It takes about 20 minutes to get the message of satisfaction from your stomach to your brain and back to your stomach. So next time your at an All You Can Eat Buffet, remember that by the time start to feel full, your actually on the verge of exploding.  According to latest research, you can reduces meal size by 15% just by increasing your chewing time. It slows down your eating, so you eat less before satisfying your hunger.

2) Chewing makes further digestion easier.

Actually, chewing or mastication is the first step of the digestion process. What do you think will happen if you miss the first step when going down stairs? Yeah, the rest of the journey won’t be very enjoyable. Its pretty much true for any other process , so why do we skip chewing – the first step of digestion?  Every organ of the digestion system has a specific job that only it can accomplish. Your stomach and intestines do not have teeth, so don’t be surprised if they get upset with non-chewed food – not in they job description!

3)  Nutrients from the food  will be absorbed better.

Lets assume you are eating whole, nutritious organic food that cost a substantial amount. How much of it you would like your body to use to rebuild and replenish itself? In order to make the nutrients available for use by your body on a cellular level, food needs to be broken down mechanically by gnawing it with your teeth and chemically dissolved it with saliva, those two steps make further digestion and absorption possible.

Nutritionist Lino Stanchich, tells the amazing story of his father who survived Nazi’s concentration camp  during WWII.  Prisoners received very little food there and were always cold and hungry. Lino Stanchich’s father discovered that chewing his food and even his water many times actually increased his energy. He shared his discovery with two other prisoners and the three of them all felt warmer and more energized after chewing their food an water as much as 150 times before swallowing it. In the end only these three survived.

4) Chewing stimulates production of saliva – elixir of life.

Scientists all over the world have discovered that this watery substance has very important properties for survival. Besides various enzymes and hormones that help with digestion, saliva also contains substances that neutralize toxins in food, strengthen muscles, maintain elasticity of blood vessels and even fight cancer. Saliva contains antimicrobial agents, enzymes, antibodies, growth factors and even an analgesic! How much would you pay for a such miracle drug?

 5) Chewing is the only way to enjoy your food !

There are no other taste buds, but in your mouth. Why not take time and enjoy the good food?

People often complain about bloating and stomach discomfort, my first question is almost always “how long do you chew your food?” As a colon hydrotherapist, I often see undigested food coming from the colon – the last part of digestion system. When I see those perfectly good blueberries rolling in the tube without a bite on them, I get frustrated. Especially if I know how health conscious my clients are and how much effort they put into getting good quality organic produce. If you’re not going to chew it, don’t buy it!


chewing man


5 Reasons Colonics Help With Health Conditions

On average  every person in North America eats 20 pounds of food additives per year
On average  every person in North America eats 20 pounds of food additives per year

Have you ever been in the house with sewer backed up? You probably couldn’t stay there for very long, could you? No body can live and effectively function in such condition. Sewer drain clogs are usually a state of emergency and a reason for professional help to be called in. Similar situation can also occur in your body when waste is not eliminated properly. It doesn’t feel very good. In fact, it feels bad enough to go to ER only to find out that your sewer system, colon is back up.

Colon is the body’s’ sewage system, and as with any other sewage system it’s need to be cleaned from time to time in order to be effective and remove waste from the body in a timely and effective manner.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic is the procedure that was designed over 1000 years ago by doctors and healers just for this purpose. Technology changed over time, while the mane reason keeping your colon clean remains the same. Therefore, the reasons why Colonics are important include;

1. Longevity. Waste accumulated in the colon for years of use slows down its functions over time. Consequently, the metabolism of entire body slows down as does regeneration process. Resulting in faster aging. The colon can not clean and restore itself without external help. If you want to live longer and look younger include colonic in your regular health maintenance routine. You deserve it no less, than celebrities and members of royal families.

2. An emotional release. By flushing out old wast from the colon, we also stimulate the release of emotions and suppressed feelings.

Scientists find out that 90 percent of the fibres of the ENS (brains in the gut) carry information from the gut to the brain and not the other way around. Our emotions are influenced by guts. This leads to the old saying “gut feelings”

3. Unknown food additives

On average  every person in North America eats 20 pounds of food additives per year. From coal tar and petroleum to drywall components. Some of those inedible substances are still in your body days and months after you eat them.

4. Peace of Mind

Thousands of environmental toxins leeching into our body from the air, water, food processing utensils etc. It’s impossible to avoid and prevent this  toxicity completely.  Even thinking about it can make us paranoid. Regular cleansing and detoxification can give us peace of mind.

5. Detoxification.  The first and the last steps of any effective cleansing program are cleansing of the colon. Since all of the waste and toxins end up in the colon. If not removed, those toxins will continue to recirculate in the body affecting your overall health.

People often ask:” Can the colon clean itself naturally?”  To some point it does, and so do teeth and skin. However, you better don’t miss your next dental hygienic appointment, or, regular facial treatments bring that natural glow to your skin that make you look younger.

Our ancestors lived between 25-54 years of age and as soon as they lost their teeth and proper function of their colon, the early death occurred, even with their 100% organic diet and active life style. That is why hygiene and medicine were invented. Unfortunately, later on, the gap between conventional and natural or “alternative” medicine was invented too, and many of us fall into this gap.

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New services

New services !


Hot Stone Facial

Hot stones placed on energy points

Hot Stone Massage
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Our latest Discovery

People often ask me if I’ve seen anything interesting during some colonic sessions.

Yesterday, while I was performing my 1985th colonic, at the very end of the session, a strange yellow object came up.  At first, it looked like a spongy, yellow ear plug, but a second later, my client exclaimed, ” “I know what it is! It’s my multivitamin pill!”

Undigested and unabsorbed pill
Undigested and unabsorbed pill
Colon hydrotherapy, pill in the tube
Colon hydrotherapy, pill in the tube

Here are the specifics. He finished a bottle of 30 multivitamins 2 weeks prior to his first colonic session. It took 4 sessions for this pill to come out practically untouched, undissolved and definitely unabsorbed by his body.

This makes me wonder where the other 29 pills went… This particular client is generally healthy and doesn’t take any prescription medications.  If he did, I wonder if they might have gotten stuck somewhere in his colon too?

How many pills have you been taken during your life time ? Are you sure they have been completely absorbed and eliminated by now?


Make your bowel flourish!

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Make your bowel flourish!

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Arnica Legend

2015-07-08 15.46.26
Healing power of nature

Here at Arnica Clinic, we have a legend. 

Long ago, in a location that we no longer have the right to reveal, there lived an ancient tribe by the name of Arnuchi. This tribe specialized in the art of healing. Men and women alike would often leave the safety of their homes to travel long distances in search of the Arnuchi Tribe, for they often possessed remedies that other tribes did not. The Arnuchi tribe was never picky about the people that they healed, they only wished to help as many people as they could. 

After several years, the Arnuchi tribe had become very well known and before long, people from near and far had heard of their healing talents. The news had spread so much that even the elves, little creatures who lived in the forests all over the land, heard word of The Arnuchi Tribe and of what they could do. The Elf king had recently fallen ill and nothing the elves could do had helped. Finally the Elf king was in so much pain that he demanded to be sent to this healing tribe, for if anyone could heal him now, it would be them. The elves obeyed their leader, and for the first time in history, together they travelled across rivers and fields until finally they reached The Arnuchi Tribe, the first humans they’d ever made contact with.

The Arnuchi leader summoned her best healers, each specializing in a different field. Together they worked dutifully on the Elf King’s well-being, until finally, the last drop of illness had left his body and he was healed. 

“ How may we repay you?” The king asked, forever grateful to the healing tribe.

“ We desire nothing.” They replied. “ We only awakened the healing powers your body already had within.”

“But there must be something that you need.” The Elf King insisted.

The tribe leader shook her head, ” We only wish to spread our love of healing to this world.

The king thought long and hard, for there had to be something he could give. Finally a brilliant idea sparked in his mind. He summoned all of the healers who had helped him and he requested a hair from each. Cautiously, each healer plucked a hair from their head and placed them into the King’s out stretched palm. The Elf wrapped his tiny fingers around the hairs and muttered a string of strange words under his breath. As his fingers uncurled the people of the tribe gasped in amazement, for in the place of the hairs lay a bright yellow flower. 

“This flower can cure almost any illness.” The King said proudly. The leader of the Arnuchi tribe accepted the gift with gratitude. 

From that day forward, the Arnuchi Tribe grew the plant all over their land. Today we know this simple flower as the Arnica Montana.

Now in modern day times, the Arnica flower can no longer heal all illness, but the power it holds is still great. Here at Arnica Clinic, we continue to believe in the same mentality of our ancestors. We thrive to help anyone and everyone we can with the gifts that our we were given.

Uncovered and transcribed by Anna Chen

I found Arnica!
I found Arnica!