Pitt Meadows Digestiv Health – Meetup group at Arnica Clinic

Digestive Health. Information and Education Session

Are you experiencing challenges every day because of difficulty with digestion?
Have you been diagnosed with IBS and are frustrated by the lack of information on managing it?
Are you experiencing pain, bloating, and embarrassment every single day?
Do you or people you care about have problems with digestion?
Are you simply interested in improving your overall health?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from participating in our Digestive Health Info Session.
Starting April 29 at 7:00 -9:00 pm
and continuing Every Last Wednesday of the Month
at Arnica Clinic

  • We are committed to bringing together experts in their field to inform you, provide you with resources, and assist you in living the very best life possible.
  • Every Last Wednesday of each month we invite you to join us, ask questions and educate yourself on digestive health.
  • At each meeting we will provide information you can apply immediately, plenty of time for discussion, and specific strategies for you to go home with.

This week’s meeting will feature 3 speakers:

Katherine Feeney – Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Katherine is a Nutrition coach with a drive to educate and empower you so that you can make decisions that will allow you to be your healthiest self and ROCK YOUR LIFE. She guides clients to develop a positive relationship with food, and teaches them how to nourish their body through nutrition and intuitive eating.

Janine Karlsen – RN, Masters in Counselling

Janine is a registered nurse with a passion for health she coaches clients to be their healthiest and most amazing selves. She has a passion for optimizing our bodies at a cellular level so that they can fuel us with energy and brilliant vitality to all of our goals and dreams. She will speak specifically of how to sort through the maze of vitamins and supplements and choose the very best quality to power your magnificent body.

Elena Kazakova – Owner of Arnica Clinic, Certified Colon-Hydrotherapist

She will talk about Colon Hydrotherapy, one of the most natural and ancient ways to detoxify. Colon health is critical for eliminating toxins and enhancing the health of the lungs, kidneys, skin, liver, and lymph system. Colon Hydrotherapy will enhance immune system function, supports maintenance of a healthy weight, and will eliminate toxins and gas from your digestive system.

Healthy snacks will be provided and there will be some awesome door prizes!

We look forward to seeing you!

Please RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/Pit-Meadows-Digestive-Health-Meetup/events/221703073/


New Service!

We have new Carbon Infrared Dynamic Sauna!

Check it out here


Healing sounds at Arnica Clinic


“Restore the harmony of your body with healing sounds ”

a two hour Music Therapy Workshop

Sunday  February 15 at 11 AM at Arnica Clinic

The healing sounds of ethnic musical instruments performed and guided by the world class musician, Boris Sichon

Boris Sichon is a multi-instrumentalist with an MA from the St. Petersburg Academy of Music. He has played and performed in 40 countries on 5 continents, where he’s gathered his  famous collection of ethnic musical instruments,  and learned from local masters all over the world.

Boris Sichon

Have you ever thought that playing ethnic musical instruments could be good for your health?

Ethnic musical instruments not only entertain your mind and give you emotional satisfaction, but they also affect your physical wellbeing.

Everyone who’s ever tried drumming, will agree, it can be pretty vigorous work out, plus a major release of physical and emotional energy, leading to relaxation.  Wind musical instruments require the control of your breathing to create a specific airflow  through the instrument you are playing, making it a very strong breathing exercise that massages your internal organs and system.

Most of the ethnic musical instruments were created as spiritual and meditative mediums for spiritual practices to in-tune the participants body rhythms and sounds with the sounds of universe.

The purpose of this health education event is to show you the therapeutic effect of ethnic music and give you unique opportunity to learn hand-on, some basic playing techniques from a world class musician.

Boris will take you on a magical journey to different cultures and countries, and most importantly – to your inner self. You will get a chance to listen to the rhythms of you own body and connect to the rhythm of the universe and feel the entire world inside yourself and yourself dissolved into the universe.

Boris Sichon is playing Didgeridoo

Two hours Music Therapy Session include:

  • Gong bath, when the ancient sound of the Himalayan Gong washes over your body to create a healing vibration
  • Meditation with Tibetian singing bowls,…
  • Experience the sound of an Australian  Didgeridoo on your body
  • Practical lessons on how to play Didgeridoo and other instruments
  • Dynamic Qigone meditation
  • Circular Breathing exercises
  • Every participant will receive a musical instrument for further practices as your own music therapy tool
  • You will also receive a CD of World Music by Boris Sichon


Number of participants is limited to 15 people, so everyone can get  individual attention and personal space.

So please RSVP ASAP   Tickets $ 48.00 at the door

See you  on Sunday  February 15 at 11 AM at Arnica Clinic

To know more about Boris and to watch him play:





We are open again at new place!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To all our client and friends  for those good vibration and waves of positive energy you keep sending my way!

It was quite busy three month for me, but everything came together quite nicely and

because of your prayers , wishes and all kinds of support we are open again at the new location!

 #308 12099 Harris rd. Pitt Meadows ( building of Pitt Meadows Public Library)

I would like to express my special gratitude to my family:  my husband, my two daughters and my parents for they incredible patience and continues support with this big step forward in my business.

I also would like to recognize and thank all my  business friends — people who helped me on every step of the way  to make it happen. Without them I could not open my doors today at this beautiful new location! They are:

My energizing holistic  realtor Faina Sichon, who can do impossible in a very short time,

My friend and  magic mortgage broker Samia Newton, who goes far out of her way just to help a friend

My wisest and precise accountant Lise Liebich, CGA, who knows exactly, how much did it cost me and still keeps me as a client

My RBC account  managers  Mahmood Amin ,  Andrew Espezel and mortgage specialist Tanya Thomas,who understand all the hardship of small business and generously share they time and knowledge

My General Contractor John Ramos from BDB Constrictions, who actually build my new place in quite a short time! It looks beautiful!

My pre construction consultant Igor Galabardov from Sopka Development, who put my dream on paper.

Thank you so very much, without you I wouldn’t be here:

 #308 12099 Harris rd. Pitt Meadows

It’s a new professional building right in the down town of Pit Meadow – the friendliest city I ever been!

I am looking forward to see you here in the nearest future,  please visit us any time just to say hello or book an appointment!

We continue to provide following services:

Colon Hydrotherapy ( Elena Kazakova  , Doriana Donciu)

Registered Massage Therapy ( Igor Tatarnikov)

Acupuncture  and Cosmetic Acupuncture (Viktoria Bakhtiyarova)

Holistic Therapies ( Doriana Donciu)

For the month of November House Warming Promotions:

First colonic ever $60 (regular $85), so please tell you friends who always wanted to try it, now it’s a time!

Create you own package with the lowest package price of $70,  buy as many as you want, no min or maximum!

Take advantage of this offer if you can, because cost of everything, except Russian gas and GPS devices, goes up and I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to keep my price as it is.

Receive $10 gift certificate toward  any other service or purchase of any Firma EnergyWear items with every package of Colon Hydrotherapy treatments. Now, it’s a great time to try new Qi Beauty Facial Treatment performed by registered acupuncturist, there are only 13 practitioners in BC, who does it, one — at Arnica Clinic! Or buy yourself therapeutic anti cellulite Firma Leggins.

Please make a note,  that our phone number  has being changed, the new one is


Give us a call just for fun of it!

Our Grand Opening is coming soon in November, more new services also coming soon, so keep your eyes open for emails and check out our Facebook page as well.

Elena Kazakova, clinic owner


Exciting news! New clinic at New location!

Arnica Clinic is moving to new location!

It is a big step forward for us as a business to acquire our own property in a better quality new building. We are very excited about the move and are grateful for all of your support and patience during this time. We are well aware that much work lies ahead, first of all we have to build our new home. It will be long and difficult process, but nonetheless we are planning to open by the middle of September with many great deals for our valuable customers. Our new clinic will be located in the same building as the Pitt Meadows Public Library, neighboring the Pitt Meadows City Hall. You can find us at:

#308-12099 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows.

Best of all, this location is 10 minutes away from our old space and is easily accessible by public transit! Meanwhile we will keep you posted on every step of the  way, so stay tuned! Follow us on Facebook for photos, updates and more.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our phone number and e-mail are still the same.


Ultimate detox – Water Fast. My latest health adventure.


“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”

Famous healer and educator Mary Poppins


“Let the food be your medicine, and medicine your food.”


What I have noticed lately is that we are slowly moving toward the “…medicine your food” and I am afraid that medicine might become our food, indeed.

When I worked at a pharmacy, I was blown away by the amount of pills I was required to put in the blister pack to take at once. I wondered, what Hippocrates would say about it. Literally, a tablespoon of pills repeated three – four times per day! How many spoons of sugar you need to help that amount of medicine go down?

Now lets take a look at the food we are eating. Actually… We better not.  How about no food at all? At least for a week? Let’s leave our body alone for a while, and let it sort it’s own problems without external invasions. Just the water— the source of life.

Can a person  survive at least one week without food?

Let me share with you my latest adventure — 7 days water fast.

At the end of this blog I included some numbers to illustrate the results of that process.

There are a few things that inspired me and lead to the reason I did the water fast.

I grew up in a family of doctors. I enjoyed hearing the endless stories about healing and healers, especially my mom. Stories about doctors – heroes who experimented on themselves to find the cure for illnesses or to obtain new physiological information about human body. This adventurous side of medicine was always attractive to me. It was probably a good thing for I didn’t become a doctor.

Natural ways of healing and the body’s own ability to heal itself always interested me most of all.

Finally, passion turned into profession. Working in wellness industry, I love to share my knowledge and experience with people and I have more reason to research and experiment and not just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well.

Another inspiration for my latest health adventure was Paul Bragg and his method of detoxification by water fasting.

You could find a lot of controversial information about Paul Bragg on the internet, but for me it was another reason to check his theory and to see if it would work for me.

There are many other natural health professionals who recommend water fasting as the ultimate detoxification, anti-aging and cancer treatment. There are different variations of methods and techniques of water fasting and many pages written about health benefits of it:

— During the water fast, your body will conserve the precious energy used for digestion, absorption, and elimination of food and use it as needed to solve it’s own problems and issues. It is exactly the same process that happens while we sleep.

— To sustain itself, the body consumes the old and malfunctioning cells, which promotes whole body rejuvenation and prevention many serious illnesses like cancer.

— Toxins are being flushed out of the body.

— Weight loss. The body eliminates excess fats. According to some studies, fat cells stores the substances that turn on the genes of obesity.

— Fasting helps to develop fascinating skill of self observation beside the will power and self control.

I read Bragg’s book, Miracle of Fasting, many years ago back in Russia.

The thing that really stood out, and that I liked, was when Bragg continued to live an active life during his 7-10 day water fasts. My biggest question was: Is it humanly possible to stay without food for so long and still be in right state of mind?

We’ve all  heard stories about travelers and survivors from natural disasters who go without food for long periods of time. In those cases, they had no choice and some times went insane. They definitely didn’t enjoy their life at that particular time. However, I met quite a few people over time who did water fast voluntarily for health reason and had great improvement of their health.

Now I have to rephrase my question: Is it humanly possible to enjoy and active life when you only consume water? Is it possible for me?

And as all adventurists know, there is only one way to find out!

My first attempt lasted 1.5 days. The headache was so horrible that I decide to stop it and start eating.

However, deep in my mind, I didn’t give up.

My second attempt was 3 years ago, and was quite successful. I survived the first 3-4 days of headache just knowing that I was not going to stop this time, especially after I noticed that my weight is going down 1kg a day! Hurray!

It is so delightful to step on the scale and see 1 kg (2.2 lbs) less every morning, you don’t see that very often.

I deliberately didn’t want to change my life style and schedule. I continued to work, exercise the same way, and cooked. I even kept my family company at the dinner table.

After the 3 day headache was gone I felt light, alert and full of energy. I got up early in the morning easily without a cup of coffee waiting for me. I discovered freedom! Time stopped feeling so rushed! I had 24 hours a day that I divided between sleep, work and doing things I always wanted to do.

My third attempt was just a week ago. This time it was even easier than before. Only 2 days of discomfort in the beginning, and after that — lightness, energy and more freedom again! This time I used some supportive cleansing techniques that I believe made it easier for me this time. Below I’ll describe the whole journey step by step in point format:

March 3:

  • Switch to vegan diet (temporally) 2 weeks before water fast.
  • Start reducing amount of coffee gradually.
  • Felt some mild withdraw symptoms: light headache, unfocused, low energy.
  • Weight 160.7 lb,
  • Fat: 40.5%

March 7:

  • Started Liver Cleanse by using “Gallstone Cleanse / Liver Flush” kit, developed by Shael Stonebridge, R.H.N. First 5 days – just as a preparation.
  • 1 capsule of Magnesium Malate (and / or 1 spoon of Apple cider vinegar or 1L apple juice) a day, nothing really exciting. Still feeling fatigue, mild headache.

March 9:

  • Weight 159.3 lb,
  • Fat 41.0%

March 10:

  • Weight 157.1 lb,
  • Fat 39.5%

March 11:

  • Weight 158.2 lb,
  • Fat 39.9%

March 12:

  • Day 6 of Liver cleanse.
  • Took Magnesium Malate capsulle in the morning, Magnesium Oxide ( laxative) in the afternoon, Epsom Salt in the evening, Grapefruit juice mixed with olive oil right before bed.
  • Sleep with warm water bottle on the liver.

March 13:

  • Day 7 of Liver cleanse — actual flush. I drank another portion of Epsom Salt early in the morning then again and stayed close to the bathroom until late morning, watching stones come out.
    • Had Colonic in the afternoon.
      • Weight 154.3 lb,
      • Fat 39.8%
Gallstones from gallbladder and liver
Gallstones from gallbladder and liver


Gallstones, that came out after liver flush
Same gallstones with a dime to compare size.

 March 15:

  • Weight 156.3 lb,
  • Fat 39.9%

March 16:

  • Day 1 of Water Fast
    • Went to “Rain Drops Technique“( Aromatherapy massage) training. Feel great, a lot of energy.
      • Weight 155.2 lb,
      • Fat 38.8%

March 17:

  • Day 2. Nothing exciting, just drank water. Mild headache.
    • Weigh 154.5 lb,
    • Fat 38.5%

March 18:

  • Day 3. Had colonic in the morning.
    • Headache gone and didn’t come back at all.
    • Feel great and full of energy, like some heavy blanket was lifted from me. Went for 1 hour walk.
      • Weight 151.2 lb,
      • Fat 38.5%

March 19:

  • Day 4. Feel great. Sunny day.  Went for 1 hour walk.
    • Weight 149.0 lb,
    • Fat 37.9%

March 20: 

  • Day 5. Still feel great, and went into the sauna.
    • Weight 147.0 lb,
    • Fat 37.1%

March 21:

  • Day 6. My usual 2.5 hours martial arts practice.
    • Weight 145.9 lb,
    • Fat 36.8%

March 22:

  • Day 7. My usual 1 + 2.5 hour martial arts practice.
    • Weight 143.3 lb,
      • Fat 35.5%

March 23: 

  • Started eating. Feel good as well!
    • Had 2 tomatoes Vitamixed with a lot of water, 1/2 of mango, 1/3 of small/medium watermelon.
      • Weight 142.4 lb,
      • Fat 35.5%

March 24:

  • Continue eating.
    • Weight 143.5 lb,
    • Fat 35.9%

March 24:

  • Eating, but still on vegan diet.
    • Had colonic.
      • Weight 144.1 lb,
      • Fat 35.0%
Change in Weight (lb)

Change in Weight

Vegan Diet 2 weeks: 5 lb

Water Fast 1 week : 13 lb

Total change in weight: 18 lbs

Change in Fat (%)

Change in Fat (%)

Vegan Diet for 2 weeks: 2.8%

Water Fast 1 week : 2.75%

Total change in fat: 4.95%




“Poop Fairies” Graduation

Congratulations to 4 new colon hydrotherapists graduated this past Friday, Feb.7 2014!


By Elena Kazakova

While most of the world was watching the Opening Ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, four remarkable ladies were doing their practical final exam for completion of training at Prime Vitality School of Colon Hydrotherapy.


Intensive Colon Hydrotherapy training at Prime Vitality School of Colon Hydrotherapy, February 4-7 2014
Intensive Colon Hydrotherapy training at Prime Vitality School of Colon Hydrotherapy, February 4-7 2014

With good friends you can talk about boys/girls, with best friends you can talk about poop!


I am very proud and excited to share my adventures of last week. I took part in an intensive Colon Hydrotherapy Training course at Prime Vitality School of Colon Hydrotherapy as a practical instructor under the leadership of my teacher Tinesja Vanel, a member of the International Association for Colon Hydro-therapy (I-ACT) and the Academy for Naturopaths and Naturotherapists. Tinesja is a NBCHT – National Board certified Colon Hydro-therapist as well as an I-ACT certified Instructor, holding the highest possible qualifications in her profession.

Prime Vitality is an I-ACT registered school, I-ACT being the USA based International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists.

New therapists were trained on the most advanced colon hydrotherapy equipment on the market: the Aquanet EC-2000.


The training is very intense, almost 12 hours per day, consisting of theory and practical classes. Each student performed 10 colonics to fellow students as well as real clients: volunteers and loyal clients of Prime Vitality Wellness Centre. Most of them have been very familiar with the colonic procedure for many years as it proves to be very beneficial for their overall health and energy level, also helping many to deal with serious health issue like IBS, psoriasis, acne and insomnia. Over time,  it has become a regular  part of their health maintenance routine.

All of the client participants were highly satisfied with the treatments they received and gave students high marks, ranging from 8.5 to 10.0 out of 10. Some of the clients admitted that it was the best colon hydrotherapy session they ever received.

However, the very first client-volunteer was Monkey. It is the veteran colonic recipient of the school.

Monkey is always ready for his colonic.
Monkey is always ready for his colonic.


The veteran colonic recipient of the school.
The veteran colonic recipient of the school.

The colon hydrotherapy profession got 4 additional members! Great health enthusiasts who are now ready and confident with their ability to perform high quality treatments.

Who are these new colon hydrotherapists? What can make a person choose this profession? I’ll give you a short overview (without mentioning the names).

Administrative worker with a background that involves a diverse array of jobs from teaching English in Japan to working as an assistant dance instructor to operating heavy equipment, she’s received many colon hydrotherapy treatments in her life and as a result fully understands the benefits of the treatments. Now her passion is health and healing, one she is following by studying Colon Hydrotherapy.

Family Doctor from the Philippines, she now works part time as a clinic assistant in one of the city’s naturopathic clinics and has been sent to take this course so she can begin providing treatments in the clinic. She appreciates colon hydrotherapy’s potential to aid in the detoxification of the body.

A Clinic Manager and Registered Holistic Nutritionist from Uxbridge, Ontario, where she works at the Centre for Biological Medicine. She writes: “Over worked and underestimated. That is how I view and would describe our incredible digestive system, especially the intestines. In general, people tend to eat whatever they want, whenever they want without any expectations of it having any affect on their well being… I don’t just view it as a quick job at cleaning the colon, but it is also an opportunity to educate. Having the rare opportunity to have an individual come to you for help and then being able to assist them immediately and into the future to improve their health and maintain it; that is my interest.”

Registered Aromatherapist from Comox, BC on Vancouver Island. She runs a private massage and healing arts practice. She was hired on contract at the retreat on Vancouver Island that sent her to do this training. She writes “Although this is not something I would have thought of on my own, I am pleased to be able to be trained in this useful skill. I have experienced colon therapy prior as a necessity to overcome intestinal distress, which was very effective.” She writes that she’s an advocate of natural healing and that colon hydrotherapy is necessary for detoxification in Ayurvedic medicine.

I am so proud and grateful for the opportunity to be one of the expert instructors for this course and being able to assist these health professionals in reaching accomplishment in the field of colon hydrotherapy and colon health.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a rare profession. There are not many of us in the world. It is important to maintain a high standard of performance of this procedure for the benefit of our existent and future clients, who are trust us with their health.



New Year Resolutions

Traditionally, January is a month for “New Year Resolutions” and guess what’s on top of the list for vast majority of people?

You got it – loose weight, get fit, start eating healthy.


As always, easier said than done.

It’s ridiculous, life always gets in the way of good intentions:

– parties, weddings, birthdays, family gatherings… why is there always food? An artery clogging convention.

– I really can’t exercise in this weather – it’s dark, rainy and depressing.

– Last time I went to gym, I almost killed myself – never again.

– There is really nothing to eat out there but junk and it’s not my fault, those food industry giants want to kill me personally with all their chips and cakes and chocolate that melts in you mouth is seconds, it even says there are açai berries in it, so it’s good for me, right? Just 1…2…3… more.

– NO!!! that scale is insane! I didn’t eat all day, spent 5 hours in a gym and it shows that I gained 3 lb!?!?!

Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there.


First of all, happiness has never and will never been measured in (lb.)

Secondly, a healthy body and healthy life style is a journey-not a destination.

And finally,  let’s do it together: support each other and share the experience.

Don’t give up, you can start your New Year every day!

Arnica Clinic team is here to make this journey to Your Best Self more meaningful and exciting. Like us on Facebook, check out our Specials page and tell us your thoughts and anecdotes. How have your new years resolutions turned out?


Gift Ideas From Arnica Clinic


A stress free holiday is a big dream that rarely comes true in today’s society . There is only one month left until Christmas. Are you ready for it?

Have a look at our December promotions, you may even want to treat yourself:

  • Book one Reflexology session at a regular price and receive a complimentary 30 min Swedish Back Massage
  •  30 min Express facial treatment AND 30 min Reflexology or Swedish Back Massage for only $90
  • Purchase any Skindulgence Clinical Facial or Colon Hydrotherapy session and receive 30 min Reflexology session with Doriana Holistics for a special price of  only $19.95
  • 60 min Deep heat Massage and Acupuncture for $32 (first session)
  •  Receive 1 box of Detox Foot Pads  free with Colon- Hydrotherapy Premium Cleansing Package (3 sessions)

Here are a few tips we can share with you to make your gift giving experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

If you think about it, why should we buy things that we (and most other people) don’t need, with money we don’t have,  to impress the people we don’t even like?

– Shop locally. It will save you time, gas, and money, as well as support local businesses and benefit your local community.

– When buying presents, think of what is really important for that person. Is it the amount of money you spend that shows how much you care? Or is it the intention behind the gift? An experience? A memory?

– According to new research  “experience” gifts are mutually beneficial for both giver and recipient, not only bringing people closer, but creating memories and conversation topics for years to come.

Here at Arnica Clinic we offer the best kind of “experience” gift – the Gift of Health.

What better way to show your loved ones that you care than a Hot Stone Massage or Reflexology session, we have a great variety of treatments that can help you to relax and recharge. And don’t forget yourself! You too deserve time to unwind.

We also have some tangible items that can make wonderful gifts and help you get healthier in the New Year:

Detox Foot Pads – an easy to use and inexpensive tool to increase circulation and remove toxins from your body night

after night.

All Natural Body Cleansing Foot Pads
Detox Foot Patches – Use overnight to detox the whole body.



Firma Energy Wear: circulation socks, compression leggings and so much more…

Clothing made from fabric that contains active biocrystals at the core of every thread, which provide benefits that ‘normal’ fabrics do not. These benefits include increased micro-circulation, better thermoregulation, and healthier looking skin!

Buy Gift Certificates or products before December 25 and receive 10% of the amount in free Gift Certificates toward services! 




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vote-for-us-badge-small@2xHere at Arnica Clinic, we always put people first. We are the people’s business! And we prove it everyday with our services. We are happy to announce that we are nominated for the Premier’s People’s Choice award as part of the annual Small Business BC Awards contest, but we need your help to win! So please vote for us, there is only a few days left until Nov 30!

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